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My 1st book, "I Love You Anyway", is now available!

I've been drawing cartoons and creating little books for as long as I can remember and publishing books has been a dream ever since elementary school. In sixth grade, my best friend Eric and I collaborated on comics and short stories and aimed to submit our work to publishers.

While always on my mind, in the past few years I tried picking up that dream again, working on several book ideas but never completing them due to lack of time. I have a blog that I would like to turn into a (non-illustrated) novel eventually, as well as several books out of a series - on which I've gotten stuck because I can't decide on an illustration style to use.

A few months ago, while brainstorming ideas for mine and my boyfriend James' anniversary, I remembered a friend creating a LoveBook for her husband. While a cute idea, the stick figures and generic templates weren't something that either of us would really appreciate - not to mention our anniversary was only two days away, so it would't have arrived in time.

So what does an overambitious overachiever like myself do? Create one of my own!

My LoveBook spoof takes the "I love it when..." and "I love how you..." aspect, but adds an "even though you..." to give it my own humorous twist. Instead of customized stick figures that only vaguely resemble us, I took my usual comic illustration fashion (hand drawn in ink, then colored digitally using GIMP) to create not only us, but our kids (and the dog).

Being that James is always around and I'm also super busy with a full-time job, kids, and my baking business Powered Sugar, it certainly wasn't completed in two days in time for our anniversary. Squeezing in working on it when I could (which was usually on my lunch break), I finally completed it just before Valentine's Day. I called us the McNaughties. He was gonna love it.

Then I thought hey...this doesn't look bad for just being an extended greeting card. And it was a book I ACTUALLY FINISHED. Since I knew James wouldn't disapprove of me turning a heartfelt gift for him into something that could potentially make extra income, and that self-publishing is available in this day and age, I went for it.

I always thought my first book would be a Company Lunch compilation (which will still happen), but the McNaughties may just be ready for a series of their own.

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